Keith Fletcher

Chief Marketing Officer

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A transplant from the Chicagoland area, Keith Fletcher currently enjoys life in Miami Beach.  Being a co-founder of Fútbol Marketing Group, he brings forth a strong foundation in marketing strategy along with overall corporate financial guidance.  Graduated from DePaul University (Chicago) with a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in finance and economics.  Also, holds a Master of Public Administration in Healthcare Administration from Roosevelt University (Chicago).  Keith’s work history includes Investment Banking and a Hospital Administrator in Training before opening MarketScan USA.  MarketScan was a market research firm focused on customer satisfaction measurement and analysis serving Fortune 500 and other multinational corporations.

  • Keith is an avid learner of anything in general but marketing he can never get enough of. Reading marketing books to listening to marketing podcasts weekly, if not daily. Previously, taught Market Research at Johnson and Wales University (North Miami, Florida).
  • He served on the Board of the South Florida Interactive Marketing Association since 2004. As well as serving as the President (3 consecutive and simultaneous years for each) for two other marketing associations
  • American Marketing Association, South Florida and the Florida Direct Marketing Association.
  • For fun, the Italian heritage in him (and the sound of his grandmother saying eat, eat, eat to everyone) loves to cook and feed his friends. Part of the reason it that it is easier to cook for 20 people than 1 person. Keith primarily cooks vegan.
  • He is somewhat over consumed with health, if only he can make it into the gym, but as he always says (not does)….”Workouts start Monday.” Cooking was instilled in him since his youth, as well as the joy of gardening. He finds time daily to care for his plot in the local community garden of which he is also a board member as the Treasurer.
  • He also has an affinity for helping nonprofits, and volunteering on their boards when it comes to those who have an ocean related focus. Two such boards he was on were for Ocean Watch Foundation and ECOMB (Environmental Coalition of Miami and the Beaches).
  • Last but not least. Or perhaps saving the best for last is he is being shadowed most often by his Weimaraner dog, Chance. Chance and Boss (Cris’ dog) are old friends. You can often see Keith and Chance, along with other dogs, walking the South of Fifth Miami Beach neighborhood.